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BeFitWithMi started as a side hustle for two former athletic trainers. Mi and her husband Dan, the founders of BeFitWIthMi, had the idea that you didn’t need to belong to a gym or own a bunch of equipment in order to get fit. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a fad. They began training a few people they knew locally out of their homes and in parks. When the Coronavirus pandemic began in 2020, they took their business 100% online. That’s when things began to take off!

All of our trainers are board certified professionals, which means they’ve been trained in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace.

Mi Sullivan, NASM-CPT
Personal Trainer, Owner

Mi is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. With a background in both sports medicine and movement enhancement, Mi specializes in helping people to move better and get stronger. She is well experienced in working with older adults and those with health challenges. Working and strengthening her client’s core muscles is at the heart of her philosophy, which makes her an ideal choice for individuals with back issues.

Dan Sullivan, MS, LAT, CES
Athletic Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Dan is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. With several years of experience in the fields of sports medicine and athletic training, Dan is well versed in working with individuals who want to improve their athletic abilities, overcome prior injuries, and build strength and muscle. He is also knowledgeable in using exercise to correct movement dysfunctions and improve functional performance.

What We Bring to the Table

12 Years Combined Experience

We've both been training people for a while. Our experience ranges from young athletes to geriatric, homebound individuals.

Responsiveness to Individual Needs

Not everyone is in tiptop athletic condition. If you have a concern such as an injury or discomfort, we will help you work around or overcome it.

A Lighthearted and Fun Environment

We're not going to scream in your face as if we are the Gordon Ramsay of fitness. Our goal is to help you get fit and have fun while doing it.

It's a Long Road to Better Fitness, But It's Worth It

If you're ready to make fitness your lifestyle, then let's get in touch. Sign up for a consultation on our calendar by clicking the Training button. Or, check out some of our other resources.


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